Why Search engines and Android os Program Creators Need to Focus on Protection Updates

With the Stagefright bug appearing some real risk to millions of Android os smart phone customers, Bing is under stress of moving out security up-dates on consistently. The stagefright bug is known to be the worst Android os bug ever discovered and has apparently struggling as many as 950 million gadgets. Scientists operating on mobile security have raised public signals, leaving Search engines under stress of operating concretely on this matter.

A few days ago, researchers at Zimperium released warning against the Android os operating system. They stated to have found major security problems at the centre of the Android os operating system. The bug is believed to be so well known that it allows online hackers to attack almost one billion dollars cell phones simply by delivering a popular MMS concept. In fact, it can even affect the smart phone even if the user does not start the concept. The codes in the concept are so harmful that it will let the cyberpunk have full control over the product without the owner’s information.

Some sources have included that according to these researchers solving the problem would require the gadgets to have firmware up-dates that can reconfigure the total os. Along with Search engines, Android os producers too have been getting ready to fight this serious problem. Search engines has already started operating on this matter for its Nexus gadgets. Search engines will also be managing with its Android os partners on these areas.
Google said it is aware of how serious the Stagefright bug is. However, a company representative also included that the critical bug was recognized on older Android os gadgets and as per their information no one has been affected. Adrian Ludwig, lead professional for Android os security, revealed that 90% of Android os gadgets have the ASLR technology assistance that gives protection against the problem.

Another statement by Ludwig had revealed that the Nexus mobile phones and an eye will be receiving per month security up-dates, with each product having Search engines assistance for two to several decades. All the repairs that Search engines produces will be available on the Android os Open Source project.

Post the Stagefright bug problem, big shot Android os device brands like New samsung, HTC, LG and Sony have also been in the line of shrinking their security problems by following areas released by Search engines. New samsung and LG have also verbal on their objectives of providing customers with per month security up-dates.

Although this recent difficulty caused by security problems attracted Search engines under sharp critique, it is worth noting that for several decades Search engines has informed Android os device makers on conditions need to be fixed. Whether these companies are working on these up-dates or not could be managed by Search engines.