Succeed Tip – Use VLOOKUP With the MIN Operate To Discover The Item That Marketed For The Smallest Price

The VLOOKUP function is one that you really need to have in your Succeed strategy. It allows you to look for a value in a record – just like using a yellow pages to find up a individuals name in an deal with guide get their contact variety.

The format of the VLOOKUP system is straightforward



1. lookup_value this is the value you want to look for (for the device directory example the individuals name)

2. table_array this is the particular yellow pages or our record of titles and make contact with numbers

3. column_index_number The line variety (starting with 1 for the left-most line of table-array) that contains the come back value, so if we have contact variety is second line of the information then the value needs to be 2

4. range_lookup this is an optionally available value, but I would suggest always inhabiting it.

A sensible value that identifies whether you want VLOOKUP to choose a perfect coordinate or an estimated match:

TRUE represents the first line in the desk is categorized either numerically or alphabetically, and will then look for the nearest value. This is the standard technique if you don’t specify one.
FALSE queries for the particular value in the first line.

In looking up an unknown variety, then we want a perfect coordinate so we use FALSE.

Lets implement the skills we have leant to looking for the kind of Beannie hat that sold for the cheapest cost.

I have a record of transactional information of product sales of Beannie Hats- a little draw out can be seen below-

Price Item Ref

3.99 RedBean_3

4.79 Beannie_7

3.98 RedBean_3

Let’s see how to use the VLOOKUP function along with the MIN to look up the name of Beannie associated with the cheapest cost level.

So we can begin to develop our system using the VLOOKUP function. ( our price is in Column C and Item Ref in line D in Excel)


Lets discuss through the system reasoning.C2:C4 is the variety that you want to look for the cheapest value, C2:D4 is the variety of the information, we want to send back the value in the second line of the variety.

We can see the cheapest cost billed was for RedBean_3 at 3.98. Simple as that.